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Spit card game

Spit & Speed Overview

Welcome to the world of card games and prepare to take your position as you play your favorite game. From time immemorial, people have been playing games in this genre for many reasons, some of which include passing the time and have fun with friends and family members. Well, nowadays, the trend remains unchanged, and in fact, more and more people are subscribing to this world. If you out there looking for the best card game, then it is more likely that you will consider the one deemed popular. While there are many famous games in the card game world, a few of them are incredibly hilarious, and it is undeniable that Spit/Speed falls into this category.

In this section of our website, we are going to explain in detail all aspects of the said popular game. When you hear the word ‘spit,’ what kind of metaphor are painting in your mind? Well, all these questions will be answered after reading the entire tutorial and rules, and here below is an ultimate guide we are going to follow:

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Equipment
  • Game preparation
  • Gameplay and rules on how to play
  • End of the game and scoring
  • Game variations
  • Conclusion

It is now time to get round the table and learn how to play the above card game!


The card game Spit is known by different names, mainly Slam and Speed. In most cases, two players play it, although some game variations allow more players to join in. When playing, players need to follow a particular rank order, which typically starts from A, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, and king. In this game, you should note that you are not supposed to go A to K or K or A. In other words, you have to follow the rank order above or reverse.

Playing Spit & Speed


The primary intent of this game is to get rid of all your cards in hand as quickly as possible before anyone else. Unlike other card games, players in the Speed game do not take turns. Instead, players need to more alert and have the aspect of real speed to play faster than the opponent. Remember, during each deal, players need to reduce their stockpile cards they have in their hands so that they go to the next deal with fewer cards. By doing so successfully in several deals, a player will eventually get rid of all the cards in hand, thereby emerging the winner. The game is deemed complete when one player gets rid of all cards in hand!

Getting rid of cards


To play this game, you will need to have a standard 52-card deck.

Game preparation

Before playing the game, all the 52 cards are shuffled thoroughly. After shuffling, all the cards are shared equally, which mean each player will receive 26. Each player then proceeds to make a table of five stacks in their front in a row, as illustrated below:

  • Stack one: zero cards down and one card face up
  • Stack two: one card face down and one card face up
  • Stack three: two cards face down, and one card face up
  • Stack four: three cards face down, and one card face up
  • Stack five: four cards face down, and one card face up

These leaves a pile of eleven cards in the hands of each player, which are face down. These are often referred to as ‘spit cards,’ and players must refrain from looking at them.

Split table setup

Gameplay and rules on how to play Spit/Speed

In this card game, there are no turns since every player plays at the same time. After both participants acknowledge readiness, one of them shouts ‘spit,’ which signifies the start of the game. Immediately, each player takes the top-most card from his/her deck and plays it to the midpoint of the table. It is essential to note that these first cards ought to be placed far away from each other, which forms two separate play piles between the players. After that, players proceed to play their cards from their stack on the center piles. The rule of this game states that a card is only played if it is one lower or one higher than the card appearing on the top of the pile. It, therefore, means the suit of a card does not matter here; hence, an ace can be played low or high.

A player is required to play once card at a time and use one hand only to move a card. Quite often, it happens that both players play a card on the same pile, which implies that the player who gets there faster gets to play and the other player has to take back his/her card. Alertness and quick playing is an important and exciting aspect of the Spit card game!

Cards played from the layout rows are replaced immediately by another card from the deck’s top. However, players are not allowed to exceed four cards in their layout rows.

If a position is reached where no player can play the game (that is, the game is stuck), both players shout ‘ready, spit,’ and each turns up to their next ‘spit’ cards, and proceed to place them on top of the spit pile they had started with. From here, the play continues as before!

Typical spit playing cards

Ending the game and scoring

When a single spit pile is being used, the first person to get rid of his/her stock cards does not take anything from the center. Instead, his/her opponent takes spit pile together with the unused stockpile cards. If the participant with no spit cards in his/her hand gets rid of his/her layout cards first, then the player has no cards left at all and is considered to be the winner of the game. If the opponent gets rid of his/her stockpile first, then the game continues.

Game over

Game variations

As earlier mentioned, Spit or Speed is a game for two players. However, some rules allow for more than two players, and this is where the issue of game variations comes in. To allow more players to join in, an additional deck will be required to ensure that each player receives 26 cards.

In some other game variations, the level of difficulty has been increased by alternative the colors, perhaps if they think the gameplay rules explained above are pretty easy and straightforward. Besides that, other variations use four stock layouts instead of the traditional five-layout stockpile.

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Spit or Speed is an exciting and fun shedding card game that is more suitable for a family setup, perhaps when on a vacation or something of that sort. Overall, the aspect of being alert and fast playing is what makes the game hilarious. Play it today too and have fun!