Mendikot Overview

The list of popular card games in just endless; and if you are out there in the market looking for one, then we have some good news for you. In this section of our website, we are looking at one of the most popular card game in India. Its unique gameplay has increased its popularity, and today, it is played across the world. It is called Mendikot.

In this section of our website, we’re going to unveil a comprehensive tutorial on the same, but putting a keen interest in the rules of the game and how it is played. Here below are some of the guidelines we are going to follow:

  • Introduction
  • Game objective
  • Equipment and players
  • Game set up
  • How to play the game and basic gameplay rules
  • Winning and scoring
  • Game variations
  • Conclusion

Let’s roll up our sleeves and see how exciting the Mendikot card game is!

Mendikot player's hand


Mendikot, popularly known as Mendicot, is a fun trick taking card game originating from India. It is one of the most played games in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, but these days, it is played all over the world. It is designed for four players playing as a team of two. Unlike many other card games, the ranking of cards in this game is from high to low; that is from Ace, King, and so on up to the Twos.

Objective of the game

The primary object of the game is to be the first team to win tricks containing Tens.

Equipment and players

Just like many other card games, you will require a standard deck of 52 cards to play this game. As earlier mentioned, there are four players divided into two teams, with partners sitting opposite. The deal and play are anticlockwise.

Mendikot playing cards

Game setup

Before the game begins, some game preparations and setup must be determined first. It includes determination of team members, sitting positions, and first dealer, which in most cases decided in a variety of ways. Drawing of cards is often used to determine which two players will play as a team (two players that draw two highest ranked cards will play as partners, of course, against the two players that picked the two lowest ranked cards). After that, partners will sit in directly across from each other at the playing table. The first dealer will be the player who picked the highest ranked card.

Mendikot sitting arrangement

How to play the game and basic gameplay rules

After determination of the first dealer and partnership (that is, game preparation is complete), the dealer starts by shuffling the cards, and after that deals the hand. The dealer deals out a maximum of 13 cards to each player in an anticlockwise direction around the table. The rule of dealing cards states that the dealer ought to deal out cards in a batch of five, then four, and lastly four. As soon as each player receives his/her hand, he/she may proceed to examine the cards.

At the start of the hand, there is no trump suit has been designated. Instead, the trump suit for the hand will be known later on during the play of the hand.

The immediate player seated on the right hand of the dealer starts the game by leading any card of choice to the first trick. The rest of the players, in an anticlockwise rotation, play one card to the trick. During the play, a player has to play a card of the suit initially led to that trick if they have one. Otherwise, if they don’t have a card of the similar suit, then they have the option of playing any card from their hand.

This is now where trump comes in! The very first time a player is not able to follow suit, the card he/she plays then initiates the trump suit (often referred to as hokum) for this trick, and of course, the remainder of the tricks during this hand. It, therefore, follows that as soon as a trump suit is designated for the hand, the highest ranked card of trump suit played by the player to the trick wins that trick! Otherwise, if no trump card has been played to the trick, then the highest possible card of the suit led is deemed to have won the trick. The winner of each trick is supposed to lead the first card to the subsequent trick.

Player initiating trump

Winning and scoring

After all the 13 tricks have been played, the cards that were captured are examined to determine the winner of the hand. There are factors used to determine the winning hand, and it includes the following:

#1. The team that has managed to get three or four Tens in its tricks are the deal’s winners. If the team manages to capture all the four Tens, it is called Mendikot.

#2. If each team has two tens, then the winner is the team that had won seven or more tricks. In other words, the partnership that won the majority of tricks is considered as the winner of the hand.

The winner of each hand is given one game point and the first partnership to score at least five game points is considered as the overall winner of the game.

Getting Tens and winning combination

Game variations

As we all know, people introduce additional rules and game variations to make the game more difficult or make it more fun. Similarly, the above card game has some variations. As earlier mentioned, Mendikot is a game for four players, but there is a variant to allow for up six or eight players, where each player is supposed to sit between two opponents. In this context, the four twos are discarded from the deck, so that 48 remaining cards can be dealt equally to all the players.

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Now you know some of the ground rules, and how to play the above popular Indian card game. Indeed, it is undeniable that the game offers lots of fun among players and the impressive aspect of the game is playing as a team. It means the game can go on and on for hours and hours. It is an incredibly addictive game, and people should play it responsibly.