Clock Solitaire

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Clock Solitaire Overview

We have to acknowledge from the onset of this card game rules tutorial that playing cards bring full-time entertainment, joy, and fun to everyone involved. Whether it is a family on a vocational trip or a group of friends meeting for an evening dinner, card game playing will just make your day exceptional. Well, there are many popular card game types these days, and it is more probable that you have played the classic Solitaire. While this is an exhilarating game, at one point, you might want to try something new, which brings us to the latest variant, Clock Solitaire card game.

In this section of our website, we are extensively looking at the rules on how to play this modern popular card game. Although there might seem simple and straightforward, failure to understand them well at onset might bring some challenges when it comes to playing it, so we shall try to be elaborate as much as possible. In a bid to do so, we will follow the below guidelines:

  • Introduction
  • Game objective
  • Requirement
  • Game setup
  • Gameplay
  • Scoring and winning
  • Game Variants
  • Conclusion

Let’s get round the table, sit back, relax, and follow the instructions herein as they unfold. In the end, hopefully, the rules explained will help your rejuvenate your card gaming experience!


Clock Solitaire is modern and one of the most famous variants of the classic Solitaire card game with cards laid out to form the face of a clock. It is often known by different names, including, but not limited to Clock Patience, Hidden Cards, Travelers, Sun Dial, and Four of a Kind. It is a fun, entertaining, and simple game that takes several hours to complete. Despite the fact that it is a simple game to play, it is incredibly rare to win Clock Solitaire as the aspect of luck entirely drives the game.

Cards arranged to mimic normal clock

Game Objective

The primary object of this card game is to complete all other four-of-a-kind set of cards before the fourth King is exposed.


Of all the card games we have reviewed, we haven’t seen one that can be played by a single player! However, it does not mean that we do not have games for that category, and fortunately, Clock Solitaire is one of them. Any number of players, with the least being one, can play it! Just like many other card games, you will need one standard deck of 52 cards with no jokers.

52 playing cards

Game setup & layout

Before the start of the game, just like what happens in most card games, all the playing cards are shuffled. After that, cards are dealt face down into thirteen piles, each having four cards. The piles are typically arranged to mimic the numbers seen on an ordinary clock, with the extra pile placed in the center of the circle face down. In this game, the numbers of the pile (from 1 to 12 on the clock; 13 forming the middle pile) are very essential.

Gameplay in action

The play starts by turning over the top-most card of the pile in the center of the circle. When the card is exposed and the number revealed, it is placed face up under the pile of that card’s number. For instance, an Ace would go under pile one; a Five would go under pile five, and so on. Face cards are placed as follows: Kind under 13, Queen under 12, and Jack under 11 pile.

The play continues in this manner until when the game ends; it is won if all the cards are exposed. Winning or losing the game will be explained in the following sub-topics. If the last face down card in a pile belongs to that same pile, then continue playing the game by turning the next (moving in a clockwise direction) face down card to face up.

It is important to note that Clock Solitaire, as earlier mentioned, is a game of luck and zero skill. It employs purely mechanical process! Typically, the chances of winning this game are one in thirteen, and practically, there is no feasible way to win it if none of the cards appearing in the bottom of the twelve piles at the start of the game is a king.

Exposing middle cards to reveal Kings

Scoring & Winning

You win the game if you are successful in moving all the four Kings to the center pile before all the other sets are completed; otherwise, you lose.

Game Variations

As we all know, people would like to come up with rules and regulations other than the previously explained. Perhaps this is to make the game more interesting or to make it more challenging. Whichever the reason, we end up have different variations of a similar card game. Now, let us turn back to our Clock Patience.

Despite the fact that Clock Solitaire is a variant of the classic Solitaire, it is kind of interesting to note that it has its variants as well. One of the most common variants of this card game is the Watch. The rules for the latter are akin to the former except when the fourth King is exposed; the player continues with the play by typically replacing the King with a face down card. The game only ends when the fourth King is re-exposed.

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That is Clock Patience at its best. It is an excellent game for luck, making it the right choice for those looking to put their luck and success into a test, perhaps you would want to engage in real cash betting programs. Overall, it is a fun game suitable for killing lazy afternoons during the weekends! As you play it, ensure you do so responsibly because the game is addictive in nature. Have fun and good luck!