Bullshit/Cheat/I Doubt It

Sample of cards used in bullshit

I Doubt It/Bullshit/Cheat Overview

If you think you have played the world’s best and popular card game, then wait until you play the Bullshit, a game devoted wholly to bluffing. In other words, this game is all about deception and lying just as much as it is about skill and cunning. In this section of our website, we’re going to cover more about the game, rules on how to play it, and much more. Typically, it is a comprehensive tutorial of the popular card game, and the guidelines we would follow is as shown below:

  • Introduction
  • Objective of the game
  • Equipment
  • Game setup
  • How to play the game and basic rules
  • Ending the game and scoring
  • Game variations
  • Conclusion

Le’s get started and learn how to play this exiciting card game!


This card game is typically called Bullshit in the United States of America and Cheat in Britain. It is also called I Doubt It in other parts of the world. It seems this is one of the few popular cards games with endless names as it is Bollocks in some books as well. All these names are just synonyms of tricking someone or catch them cheating you! At least two players usually participate in playing this game. It is an incredible game to play with friends and family. It is an ultimate party card game!
Bullshit, a partying game

Objective of the game

The object of a Bullshit game is to get rid of all your cards in hand before any other player. This is done in an orderly manner, where all the cards are face down, giving a player a chance to lie their head off about what they are going to put on the table. Interestingly, if the lie is exposed, the lying player is required to pick the file. In some variations of Cheat card game, runner-ups are declared so that the game can continue even after the first winner has been determined.

Face down cards for cheating


Between two and ten players play the Cheat game where one standard deck of 52 cards is used.

Game set-up

Depending on what variant of Bullshit you are playing, Jokers are sometimes left in and take the role of wilds. However, other rules insist that jokers be removed. Whichever the case, the dealer then proceeds to deal all the cards to each participant until there are none left; this perhaps explains why some players will have one card extra. The first player (selected at random or following specific rules based on game variant) begins the round. Other players play in turns in a clockwise direction.

shuffling cards before dealing

How to play the game and basic rules

Cheat is a relatively simple game to learn and play. Of course, some standard rules have to be adhered to at all times, but people play it with different rules just to make it even more enjoyable. Some have rules that encourage a player to bluff more, but this does not necessarily mean they should. As a matter of fact, if a player bluffs too much, other will begin to notice, and he/she will start getting called out.

On the table is a discard pile, which often starts empty. A turn consists of discarding cards (usually one or two) face down on the pile, and then followed by calling out its rank. The player to play first must discard Aces, the second player has to discard Twos, the third discard Threes, and so on. After Tens comes Jacks, followed by Queens, then Kings, and then back to Aces, and the process repeats.

Since cards are discarded face down, players do not necessarily have to play the rank they are calling. For instance, if your turn is to discard Eights, you may decide to discard any card or rather, a mixture of cards.

Any player who thinks that the card(s) discarded do not match the rank called can proceed to challenge the play by shouting ‘Bullshit, or Cheat, or I doubt it!’ If this is the case, the card(s) played by the challenged player are supposed to be exposed, and any of below can happen:

  • If they are all of the ranks that were called by the challenged player, then the challenge is deemed false, and the challenger is ordered to pick up the entire discard pile
  • Otherwise, if the played card(s) is different from the rank called, then the challenge is correct, and the person who called the card(s) is required to pick up the entire discard pile

As soon as the challenge is resolved, the play continues normally. The part of the game that is incredibly exciting and challenging is when they are very cards left outstanding; that is towards the end of the play. If a player discards their final card and by any chance challenged and found out that indeed he/she had bluffed, they may have to pick up the whole discard pile.

Bullshit playing instruction & Rules

Ending the game and scoring

The first person in the Bullshit game to get rid of all their cards, perhaps lucky to have survived all the challenges including the one resulting from final play, is considered the winner.

Game variations

As earlier mentioned, apart from the standard rules, there are many other rules based on different game variations. For instance, a Cheat game for more than three players requires the use of two or more decks of 52 playing cards. In some game variations, the rank sequences go downward rather than the traditional upward, and much more. In a nutshell, here below are some of the most popular Bullshit card game variations:

  • Canadian and Spanish Bullshit
  • British Bullshit
  • China Bullshit
  • Verish’ Ne Verish
  • Indian Bluff
  • Hawaiian Cheat

  • I Doubt It/Bullshit/Cheat Rating


Bullshit, Cheat, or I Doubt It is great and fun card game worth a trial. Some responsible parents would urge that this game might teach their children to be liars. However, this argument is not indeed true! This is because the game allows participants (children included) to practice the skills of observing the behaviors of truth-tellers as well as liars, an essential skill to have in life. Therefore, if you are planning a family vacation or parties, then you consider having fun with the Bullshit card game. Nonetheless, it is an addictive game, and people should learn to play responsibly!