Blackjack game in progress

Blackjack Overview

One aspect of card games that is indeed appealing to many players is the fact that most of the games are pretty simple and straightforward. It takes some few minutes to learn to play them, which means they are easy to play. In fact, even the games considered a little bit complicated are not typically difficult.There are hundreds of thousands of card games in existence today than there were a century ago, but only a few of them can be considered genuinely popular. In this section of our website, we have done our best to provide incredible tutorials on all of the most famous card games of all time. One of the most popular games is indeed the Blackjack, and our tutorial and game rules will perhaps cover all the info you could want to know about it. Here below is the order of our tutorial on blackjack card game:

  • Introduction
  • Playing equipment
  • Objective of the game
  • How to play the game
  • Blackjack decisions
  • Placing bets on the outcome
  • Conclusion

Let’s get round the table and learn some of the great rules of the above game, and play it thereafter!

Blackjack twenty-one table layout


Blackjack (often referred to as twenty-one) is a comparing card game between a dealer and a player. In other words, in this game, players compete against a dealer, and not against other players. You will need up to eight decks of the traditional fifty-two cards to play this game.

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most famous card games in the gaming industry. Practically, it is played and enjoyed by most card game players all over the world. In fact, you will struggle to find many casinos that do not have several blackjack tables on their gaming floors! It is not all about brick and mortar casinos; you will find blackjack at online casinos as well.

Playing equipment

As earlier mentioned, Blackjack is played with one or two or more decks of 52 cards but with no jokers. In most casinos, they try to speed up the game by the use of something called the shoe. It is important to note that the numbers of decks differ significantly from one casino to another, but one thing we know is that there are often 2 to 8 decks in the shoe.

The deck of cards that is not the only required equipment to play the blackjack, the table is another important is as well. Be informed that this is not just the regular table in the bar or offices, but rather, it is a specially designed table with various sections for different parties. In the table, we have the permanent section for the dealer as well as up to eight sections for players. There is also a playing area where bets are made, and cards are placed.

Before playing this game, as a player, you must have chips. Chips are the items used to bet with, and you can typically buy them from the dealer.

Objective of the game

The table layout shows that Blackjack is a game of many players (up to eight to be precise), but it is typically a two-player card game. This is because neither do players play against each other nor do they co-operate. Nonetheless, they compete against the dealer.

The objective of the game is perhaps to beat the dealer. There are up to three possible ways to achieve this, which include the following:

  • Get twenty-one points on your (player) cards without a dealer blackjack
  • Allow the dealer draw additional cards until when his/her hand exceeds twenty-one
  • Be the first to reach the final score much higher than the dealer without necessarily exceeding twenty-one
Dealing in the blackjack game

How to play the game and basic rules

Playing the blackjack is interesting and enjoyable. As earlier mentioned, players need to sit around a unique table on their designed areas. After that, ensure that you have enough chips before the game begins. To ensure there is fairness in the game, players take turns competing against the dealer.

The dealer, as well as the players, receive two cards each at the start of the game. The dealer has one card face-down (often called the hole card) and the other face-up. However, all the player’s cards are dealt face-up.

Once all the parties have cards at hand, it is now time to play the game starting with player’s turn. Each player takes action dealing with the cards, and the turn goes in a clockwise direction starting based on where the dealer is sited. During a player’s turn, he/she can decide to take advantage of side rules or keep his/her as it is (called stand) or draw more cards from the deck (called hit).

The dealer’s turn comes in when all the players have taken their actions. This is the time when hidden hole card is revealed. The dealer will not take any more cards if he has the blackjack (or natural 21). In this case, all players lose their bets except those who had a blackjack. However, the dealer collects more cards if he did not have a natural or stands (but it depends on the value at hand). Nonetheless, the only time a dealer has to hit is when the card value is lower than seventeen; otherwise, he will stand.

Blackjack decisions

Besides the basic rules of the game, there are some crucial decisions that players often make when playing the blackjack. These decisions often called side rules, will allow for more intricate betting options and strategies. Although we have mentioned some of them when explaining how to play the game, we are explaining each of them here. The crucial decisions include the following:

  • Hit

It requires a player to draw another card from the dealer

  • Stand

Take no more cards, often referred to as stick or stay or stand pat.

  • Double down

If the player is sure that his/her hand will beat the dealer’s, then he can double the original bet. In this case, you will be given one more card from the dealer, and the new bet is placed right next to the initial bet in the betting box.

  • Split

If the first two cards received have similar value, then the player had the option of splitting them into two hands. This is done by practically moving a second bet with equal value into an area just outside the betting circle/box. The dealer will immediately draw an additional card to each hand. When done splitting, the player proceeds to play out the two separate hands one after the other.

  • Surrender

If you are sure that you have a bad hand compared to the hand of the dealer (perhaps judging from what you have seen on the dealer’s hand), you can decide to give up (surrender) and claim half of your bet. The dealer and the casino will take the rest of your bet.

  • Insurance

When the face-up card for the dealer is an ace, then each player has the chance to bet on whether the other card of the dealer is a blackjack or not. This is often referred to as an insurance wager, and it is treated independently of the initial bet. A winning insurance bet will have a payout of 2:1

Blackjack game in progress

Placing bets on the outcome

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the favorite cards games often found in many casinos just because players can place bets on their results, and if they are lucky, then end hefty winning amount of cash. That being said, each player around the blackjack table has a box or circle where bets are placed in. In most cases, there is a maximum bet as well as a minimum bet for the table. Although it might vary from one casino to another, often, the maximum bet is 10 to 20 times the amount of the minimum bet.

Once you are ready to place a wager, you have to wait for the current hand to complete, then push your bet into the betting box/circle. Remember, your chips ought to be in a single stack; otherwise, if you are wagering multiple denominations, then place the larger valued chips right on the bottom of the stack and the smaller on top. When card dealing kicks off, players are not supposed to touch the bet in the box/circle; just wait for the outcome. In any given round, the outcome can be any of the following:

  • Win; where the player wins as much as he/she bet
  • Lose; where the dealer takes the player’s wager
  • Push; where the hand is a draw
  • Natural or Blackjack; where the player wins one and half times the bet

Making bet decision on blackjack

  • Blackjack Rating


Blackjack is the master of card games in most casinos across the world. It is one easiest game to learn to play, and in the end, you can walk away with hefty cash as winnings. One significant aspect about the blackjack is that the nature of the game unveils the chance to use your skills and creative thinking to reduce the house edge over you. In a nutshell, the above is an enjoyable and fun game to play. We highly recommend players to play it responsibly!