Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights Overview

In the gaming industry, there are hundreds of thousands of games from different genres to choose from. If you’re out there looking for a game that ideally suits a family set up, then you may consider card games. Fortunately, you will find an immense collection out there in the market. Again, you will have to spend some time narrowing down to the best, and there is no doubt that those considered popular will take precedence. While there are many immensely popular card games, a few of them are indeed famous, and one of them Crazy Eights.

Wait a moment, did you say ‘Crazy Eights?’ Is it a card game of making people crazy? Well, contrary to its name, Crazy Eights is a fantastic and fun game that you cannot wait to keep it a trial. In this section of our website, we give a tutorial on the same based on the following guidelines:

  • Introduction
  • Crazy Eights Brief history
  • Objective of the game
  • Requirement
  • Preparation
  • How to play the game and basic rules
  • Ending the game
  • Scoring and winning the game
  • Game variations
  • Conclusion

Let’s get on the table and learn how to play this incredible card game!


Crazy Eights is a shredding-type card game played by two or more participants. It is one of the most popular card games of all time in the world. Its fame is credited to the fact that it is incredibly easy to learn to play it. Its rules are pretty simple and straightforward. It is specifically considered as a good interactive game that helps children practice strategy as well. The recommended age is five and above.

Men playing Crazy Eights

Brief History

The above card game first appeared in the gaming world in the 1930s as Eights. However, in the 1940s, the Crazy was added to Eights to form Crazy Eights.

If there is a card with huge name variations, then it is the Crazy Eights. Some of its alternate names include, but not limited to Crates, Swedish Rummy, Rockaway, Switch, Mau-Mau, Tschausepp, Pesten, Blackjack, Last One, Last Card, Bartok, Zar, Moa, Taki, Quango, Uno, and much more.

Objective of the game

The goal of above game is simple; be the first player to get rid of all the cards available in your hand onto a discard pile by typically matching the suit or number of the previous discard.

A hand of cards before discarding


To play this game, you will require a standard deck of fifty-two playing cards or deck of cards designed purposely for playing Crazy Eights. The 52-card deck is used when there are 5 or fewer players; however, when there are more than 5, then two decks are shuffled together bringing the total number of cards to 104. Nonetheless, no jokers are used!


Before starting the game, the cards have to be shuffled. After that, each player receives up to five cards. However, if there are two players, each gets up to seven cards. The remaining bunch of cards is placed in a stack pile face down. The card appearing at stack’s top is placed face up right next to the stack pile, which will form the basis of the discard pile. In other words, this card will be the first card played in the game.

five cards dealt to a player

How to play the game and basic rules

Playing starts with the player positioned next to the dealer and continues in turn in a clockwise direction. If among the players are younger children, in most cases, they are given priority to start, and then the turns continue clockwise.

In most cases, if the top card in a pile is not an eight, then the player has the option to play any other card that matches the color, suit, or rank of the previous card. The first player checks at their cards in hand and concludes whether or not they have an eight or a card that matches the suit, color, or rank of the top card on the discard pile. Take a case where the top card is a red seven of clubs; then the player can play a clubs, a red, or a seven. However, if none of the cards in hand matches the order, they have to draw one card from the deck, which means it becomes the turn of the next player.

In this card game, Eights are considered crazy! This is because they can be played on any card of any value, color, or suit, and the player who plays the eight has an obligation to nominate what the new suit will be.

Playing cards of similar suit

Ending the game

If the stockpile is no more, the standard rules of Crazy Eights states that the play continues without drawing. A player that does not wish or cannot play just passes when he/her turns come. If all players pass, then the game is considered blocked, and therefore, it has to end there! Alternatively, the game ends when one player gets rid of all his/her cards in hand.

Scoring and winning the game

As earlier mentioned, the first player to get rid of all cards in his/her hand is considered as the winner of Crazy Eights, while the rest score penalty points based on the aggregate value of the cards left in their hands. In most cases, an eight is worth 50 points, ten for face cards, and all other cards are worth their face value.

When the game become blocked, playing stops, and every player scores for the cards remaining in their hands. The one with least score points win the game.

Ending the game by discarding last-card

Game variations

Crazy Eights, just like many other popular card games, have different instructions with many variations. Typically, these instructions differ significantly from one region to another, but there are just meant to add a little fun twist to the entire game. It should be noted that the above card game is rarely played in its standard form, but with some variations. The differences are evident in the number of cards dealt as well as the rules concerning drawing cards and scoring procedure. In some cases, special cards have special meanings, and when played, these unique cards affect the pattern of the play, or rather, have other effects.

Talking about last card for instance, in some regions it is a rule that a player must notify others when one card is left. If you fail to alert them and you want to finish the game, you will be penalized to draw more cards, usually two, from the stockpile. However, in some other areas, you can drop your last card without alerting other players.

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That is Crazy Eights at its best! From this tutorial, it is evident that this is the game to kill a dull Sunday afternoon with your friends or family. It is a family fun game with lots of benefits, especially when it comes to child development. It is an addictive game, and people are advised to play it responsibly.